Genomic medicine is profoundly changing patient care. To ensure that everyone has access to new technologies in genomic medicine in an equitable manner throughout the country, France is setting up a plan: the French Plan for Genomic Medicine 2025. It aims to change methods for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patients by 2025. The plan responds to a request made by the Prime Minister to the Aviesan Alliance in April 2015, in order to examine the implementation of access to genetic diagnosis in our country.

The plan addresses 3 objectives:

Prepare the integration of genomic medicine in the current care pathway and the management of diseases. The aim is to ensure access to genomic medicine to patients who need it, suffering from cancer, a rare disease, or in the future, a common disease.

Set up a national sector of genomic medicine to serve patients, capable of being a lever for scientific and technological innovation, industrial valorisation and economic growth.

Place France among the world’s leading countries committed to personalised medicine, with a capability to export the know-how of our medical and industrial sector in genomic medicine.

The plan takes into account 4 major issues:

Organisation of public health

Genomic medicine is revolutionising the patient care pathway. Routine sequencing of the genome will allow patients more personalised diagnostic and therapeutic management. This will initially concern patients suffering from rare diseases or cancers, then in the future, patients with common diseases.

Les aspects scientifiques et cliniques

The aim is to strengthen the chain from exploration of pathologies to therapeutic benefit for the patient.

Technological aspects

New technologies are likely to converge with life sciences and health. The capability to acquire, store, distribute, match and interpret these massive and multiple datasets is at the heart of this convergence.

Economic aspects

Lastly, the challenge is an economic one, both in terms of cost for our health system, and also the development opportunities of a new industrial sector.

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