From the beginnings of the French Plan for Genomic Medicine 2025, the State declared that a programme of such a scale, with strong scientific and technological content, needed to mobilise the industrial sectors concerned (pharmacy, computing, medical device), from startups to French and international large companies.

These industrial partners can indeed provide innovative solutions via the Centre of reference of innovation, expertise and transfer (CRefIX), suppliers of clinical data via the data collector analyser (DCA) or be a client, and also propose collaborations at various levels.

The French Plan for Genomic Medicine 2025 indeed provides an exceptional opportunity for innovation in a number of areas with the unique perspective of including certain fields like:

  • human genomics and metagenomics
  • data, their significance and their availability: collection and organisations, integration of highly heterogeneous data, storage, algorithmic, semantic web, development of relevant knowledge bases, anonymisation, cryptography, provision and mathematical processing of big data for health, ethics and “equity” of algorithms, robustness of results
  • materials: robotics, man-machine interface, architecture and hardware components, web of things, medical devices, etc.


In order to obtain the equipment and solutions required, the ambition of structuring industrial development is part of the initiative. This ambition aims to constitute a real sector of “genomic medicine” capable of supporting the growing power of the programme, while being a new source of economic development and employment. The organisation and the involvement of the industrial partners concerned are essential in a context of strongly engaged international competition.

Information meetings on the setting up of different components of the plan were organised at regular intervals (2 to 3 per year depending on requirements). A second type of meeting enabled young innovative enterprises to present their proposed solution before the academic and industrial world. Finally, work carried out at the DCA  and CRefIX level made it possible to mobilise industrial partners to contribute to reflection, seek their opinion or take part in specific actions.

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The industrial partners have mobilised in the French Plan for Genomic Medicine 2025 to:

  • Take part in the reflection and the consultations around different subjects of the plan: care pathway, platforms, DCA , CRefIX also around aspects and methods of standardisation, anonymisation and data encryption; big data, algorithms associated with needs, instrumentation and medical devices.
  • Develop expression of needs forms in three focus groups dedicated to pharmacy, diagnosis and digital.

The “industrial sector” working group also works closely with the Centre of reference, innovation, expertise and transfer (CRefIX) and the data collector analyser (DCA).

The industrial partners who wish to be involved are responsible for the organisation of the working groups of the industrial sector.

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Industrial sector meetings - September 2019

In all, 108 firms took part, at some point, in all the industrial sector meetings (over 250 participants in total) including 37 large companies and 71 small- and medium-sized entreprises (SME).

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